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WS500 Configuration Tool 1.2.0 Now released!

Today we released an update to the WS500 Configuration Tool.  This release has a few bug fixes and added support for the recently released firmware update from WakeSpeed.

This release is "Free" to all customers who have already purchased or downloaded the Free version of the tool.  Simply place an order for this free update using this link and it will send you a download link.

The firmware update from WakeSpeed can be downloaded using this package by simply connecting to the onboard USB port and selecting System->Firmware Updates and following the onscreen instructions.

Here is an overview of the announcement from WakeSpeed.

Wakespeed has released firmware Version 2.2.0 for its advanced WS500 alterrnator regulator. This firmware revision delivers significantly upgraded support for CAN-based BMS systems, and represents a major step forward in the delivery of more robust, easier-to-install system integration.

Included in this update are revisions to the default LiFePO4 charge profile, to better match manufacturers' charging recommendations, and improved recording of error messages to aid in accurate diagnostics. In addition, the default setpoint for alternator temperature regulation has been increased from 90°C to 100°C.


I must be missing something.  I was able to use this to update the firmware on the WS500, but have absolutely no idea how to use this app for profile creation (maybe there is another app for that), or program the WS500.

I have the Wakespeed Offshore manual which seems to be a tome of commands and parameter settings, but no idea how to apply them,

I have four 300Ah Kilovault lithum batteries on my boat with two Valeo 125A alternators, and two WS500s.  Also have two Mastervolt 100A chargers, 1100W of solar managed by two Midnite Classic 150s, and an 11KW gen which will also charge the batteries.  The Kilovaults have a max voltage of 13.9 for Bulk, Absorb is 2-3 min at 13.9, and Float is 13.8v.  Still trying to get a rebulk voltage from Kilovault for 80% DOD...   The boat is a sailing catamaran and we typically use one engine when underway unless we need maneuverability, in which case we use both engines.  We could have solar running at the same time we are running engines, but the Midnites will go into Rest if they sense charging from another source. We are just in the process of installing the WS500 boxes right now.

Looking for some help in determining how we set up the WS500s.  I know that dip switches can be used, but did not see a profile that matched our requirements.


Regards, Rick

Where are you located. If in Brisbane Australia then I may be able to help