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REC software error on exit

when I exit the program and return, I continue to get a few items I would not expect, they are the fact that I get the error pop up window error 1073807343 and I also have to reset the com port from com port<65535> to my connected port.

Here are the screen shots as requested when I exit the program and return. It as if I am setting it up for the first time.


Uploaded files:
  • rec-1.png
  • rec-2.png

I don't have a system set up yet.  Al, are you seeing these errors?



Hi Tine,

Can you help us with this customer question?




The problem lies within Windows restrictions. If the folder where the PC user interface is installed does not allow the application to change settings it will not do it. You have to enable the .ini file (communication settings) to be changed or install the software to other location - not the Program Files. (otherwise it will always read the old -wrong values).  Also it helps to right click and select Run as an administrator. Our REC WiFi module does not have this problems and may be connected to any smart WiFi enabled device.

Thank you Tine. That was helpful. I opened the program as an admin and that must have changed  the windows restrictions permanently.

I am just learning about the BMS and have multiple questions. Is it best to post them on this forum? Do I need a new entry for each question?