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Lost profile


I have twice had a situation where one side alternator stopped charging. The first thing I did was swap sides with the controllers to see where the problem went. It seemed that the WS500 had an issue. When I plugged it into the pc is shows no last fault, however it also showed active charge profile 0 where it should be 8. I had a saved profile that I reloaded and it now shows profile 8 correctly. Under what circumstances will it loose its profile? Is there something I should be looking for? Currently all switches on both are set on, and almost all setting on the profile 8 are the same other than instance and Bluetooth name. Any ideas?


Andy, this is a new one to me.  I am going to copy Al Thomason, of WakeSpeed on this post and have him respond on it for you.





Hello.  Sorry you are having issues.  Reading your description, it sounds like one of the regulators is loosing its configuration - restoring to the factory default state?   Is this correct?  There are a few conditions under which the saved config is erased, however most all require affirmative actions.  There may also be a warranty issue with that one regulator.

Perhaps you can drop an Email to and we can open a ticket, we can do a bit more diag and see how to get to the bottom of this!