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How to find and input the Serial number

We are stuck with the active BMS system. Where is the serial number located on the unit, and can you advise us what our serial number is?
> We installed the REC Active BMS but am unable to locate the serial number for the unit which also acts as the password for the software. We’ve looked all over the unit, nothing, as the unit is installed we cannot easily look at the rear within removing it all but we did not see anything obvious on the back while installing the unit.

For the  Active BMS (12v) there is a label on the bottom of the unit, attached is a photo from my unit.

A detail:   There is a very special way the SN must be entered into the software to ‘unlock’ the BMS.  An example, on my test unit the SN on the label is:  1-A-1228   the Password is then: 1a-1228

You can also find it in the top right side of the LCD touchscreen.


Thanks to Al and Laura for the info

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