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Does WS500 require #define SYSCAN in order to use System Configuration Editor

Does WS500 require #define SYSCAN in order to use System Configuration Editor?

I have customized my firmware and don't use any CAN functionality so I commented out #define SYSCAN to give me more available code space.   Now I am trying the WS500 tool but the System Configuration Editor does not download the settings from the regulator.   The dashboard works fine as done the main rolling graph screen.

I have not yet figured out what routines in the regulator code that the System Configuration Editor is "pinging" for this system editor to load the data it needs to get started.

Hey Pete,


Just trying to figure out your MO.  Are you using an old version of the open source VSR code with your WS500, or do you have a current version of the WS500 source code?

open source version

Is their a community for the open source folks?  Of course, the WS500 config tool first came out for the open source version.


Before I can give you any feedback on this one I need to know, are you using the VSR or the WS500?

I am guessing you are using the VSR.  If that is the case, the last supported version of the config tool is 1.1.2  You can simply uninstall 1.2.0 and install 1.1.2.  All the changes after this only apply to the WS500

WS500 Software “Free Upgrade” V 1.1.2

The VSR uses a different processor that is slower and with less memory.

As to SYSCAN, you should be ok commenting that out.  The editor should not be affected.

And there used to be a Google or Yahoo groups forum for the VSR out there but not sure if it is still active.

Hope this helps!

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