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4S REC BMS question

Hello, I have a 4S unit. I am using the REC software. On the screen, I see the Vbat meter showing 34 volts at full scale deflection. I would expect the full scale to be around 18 volts. Are the full scale ranges on Vbat and Ibat adjustable?

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I am not sure if this configurable or not.  Al, any ideas on this one?





I do not believe the scale dynamically adjusts  - and is fixed for both 12v and 24v deployment.  The Color bands seem to be the same situation.

Why would full scale for a 4S configured BMS be set at 34 volts?  Isn’t 4S by definition a BMS for 4 cells with a max voltage somewhere around 18 volts no matter the chemistry of the cells? This would seem to be a bug to me.